Introduction: Potholes are a persistent issue on British roads, affecting vehicle wear and tear and fuel efficiency. Understanding how potholes impact fuel efficiency can help drivers and road authorities appreciate the importance of timely repairs.

  1. Increased Rolling Resistance

Potholes create uneven road surfaces that force vehicles to adjust and manoeuvre constantly. This constant change in motion increases rolling resistance, which refers to the force needed to keep a vehicle moving forward. Higher rolling resistance means your engine needs to work harder to maintain speed, increasing fuel consumption over time.

  1. Reduced Aerodynamics

Smooth roads contribute to better aerodynamics, allowing vehicles to move more efficiently through the air. Potholes, however, can disrupt this airflow and create drag, especially at higher speeds. Vehicles encountering potholes may experience increased drag and turbulence, further impacting fuel efficiency as the engine compensates for the added resistance.

  1. Acceleration and Deceleration

Drivers often accelerate or decelerate abruptly when navigating potholes, especially if they are deep or numerous. These sudden speed changes require more fuel than maintaining a steady pace. Additionally, vehicles slowing down to avoid potholes and then accelerating back to speed consume more fuel than consistent driving on smooth roads.

  1. Vehicle Wear and Tear

Beyond fuel efficiency, potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles. Punctured tyres, misaligned suspensions, and damaged wheel rims are common issues. Addressing potholes promptly reduces the risk of vehicle damage and helps maintain optimal vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

  1. Environmental Impact

Reducing fuel consumption isn’t just about saving money; it also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. Smooth roads that allow vehicles to operate efficiently play a role in overall environmental sustainability efforts.

Conclusion: Potholes impact more than just the comfort of your drive—they affect fuel efficiency, vehicle performance, and environmental sustainability. By prioritising timely pothole repairs, road authorities and drivers can mitigate these effects, ensuring smoother and more efficient journeys for all.

This is a photo of a bitumen driveway which is in the process of being installed by Footscray Road Tech

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